The Art

The Fine Art of Craftmanship

Anna Lens believe that fine art pieces should be of the utmost high quality, with materials sourced from all over the world to deliver a true luxury piece of art.

We work directly with a state of the art lab that houses the newest technology in order to deliver an art piece that can’t be duplicated. This guarantees the highest quality possible.

If you have any additional questions at all, please reach out directly by email or phone.

From Camera to Finish

Lens’ mission is to evoke the same senses experienced while capturing the true essence of the photograph. “You should be able to smell the crisp fall leaves, feel the sunshine, hear the ocean waves, and taste the salt water through your photograph.”

To bring this to life, Lens uses only the best technology offered from camera to printer. This allows the viewer to feel like they are inside of the scene, not looking at a photograph.

Authentic Integrity

Each piece created by Anna Lens has a certificate of authenticity, to ensure it is an original piece.

Your certificate of authenticity is mailed to you separate from your order, and has the name of the art piece, along with a hand signed signature, and hologram.

sky fine art phtography

Types of Art Pieces

Each photograph is printed on an archival fine art paper that should last for at least 200 years. The texture and tones of the paper give the art true dimension.

Framing is available to protect and give your art pieces a truly exquisite apperience.

Online image quality

Please note that all images on this website have been sized down to accommodate screen sizes. Because of this, they appear pixelated and unclear when zoomed in.

Printed art pieces are masterly created for an unparalleled viewing experience from online versus in person. The finished piece is incredibly sharp, vivid, and breathtaking.

Artist Proofs

Reserved for the most enthusiastic collector, 1 artist proof will be offered from each limited edition piece. Artist proofs are printed at 600 dpi (double the normal resolution) and include a handwritten note about the story of the piece. It will also have a signature and “AP #1 of 1” numbered.

The artist proof costs an additional $5000 to the listed price.

First Printing

The first edition of a collection is always such a special feeling to see printed. There is a certain energy it carries to have the first of a body of work. Of each limited edition piece, the First Print is reserved for purchase as the last print before the edition sells out, or can be requested to be purchased prior to the edition selling out. This piece will be signed and numbered #1/25, #1/50, #1/75, #1/100, #1/150, or #1/200 in regards to how many editions it has been limited to.

First prints are an additional $3500 to listed price.

pricing By demand

As demand increases over the time a limited edition piece sells out, the price increases. To ensure you collect your piece at the lowest price, it is advised to purchase it when you fall in love with it. Once a limited edition is sold out, the First Print will be offered at an additional $3500 at the current price if it has not already been collected.

Open editions do not increase based on demand, and are not limited on how many will be printed.